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hii o/

certified silly girl who loves to code and make things.

🩷 about me

my name is astrid, if that wasn't obvious. i am a 20 year old girl residing within the united states. some of the things i love to do are baking, programming, reading, taking walks, and more.

for more professional information, check out my cv.

⭐ support

if you're a fan of my work, consider supporting me on github sponsors! you will be helping me pay for expenses and allowing me to make more cool stuff <3

💭 contact

professional contact should be through my email, otherwise twitter is probably the best place to go.

✨ frens

below you'll find some of my friends, go check them out!!

🎵 music

music is great, here's my favorites this week:

I'm Geist I'm Geist

47 / wk

heylog heylog

42 / wk

xona xona

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