astrid's avatar Astrid


Favorite color?

Definitly pink, if you couldn’t tell. It’s a main color of this site :)

How did you learn to code?

Lots and lots of days of trial and error, along with being homeschooled, that might of helped a bit.

What is your favourite web framework?

I haven’t really played around with many, but my go-to is Next.js.

What are your favorite libraries?

Currently, I’m in love with Prisma and tRPC. Both of them make full stack web development a breeze.

What programming languages do you know?

I’m well versed in TypeScript, and pretty decent in Kotlin. I’ve played around with Python & Go, though I wouldn’t consider myself proficent in them.

What have you been working on?

Not much if I’m being honest. There’s some small projects like Keycard, but most projects I create don’t require much updates.